To generate FIBC giant bags, PN Polybags combines the right machines and resources to build a manufacturing line that is highly efficient and extremely productive. Superior machines, cutting-edge procedures, and highly trained staff work together to produce items of exceptional quality and refinement.

PN Polybags Pvt Ltd is a fully integrated technical textile Manufacturing facility, located at Pithampur, the manufacturing hub of FIBC’s in Madhya Pradesh in India.

The company was established in the year 2014 and began its production in the year 2015,

Since then the company has been involved in the production of  PP/ HDPE woven sacks, Later starting its production of FIBC Jumbo Bags from 2018.

Our production plant provides us the advantage of being able to produce any sort of Jumbo bag. 

Agriculture, food, construction, retail, pharmaceuticals, transportation and even petroleum products or other flammable products, have all benefited from our position as an industry-leading importer and distributor of bulk packaging

We are equipped with state-of-the-art machines by Lohia Corp, The company has two Units- 

PN Polybags Unit I, PN Polybags Unit II, spread across a land area of approximately 1,55,000 Square feet.

We have a capacity to produce 9000 metric tons of finished goods every year. 


We have the experience and technical know-how needed to create even the most intricate bag designs. Our talented and trained workers do more than just make bags; their hard work and dedication are an investment that pays off when end-customers place repeat orders.


All of our materials are of the greatest possible quality. Polymers that are suitable for use in food are used. All of our providers are well-known names in the plastics industry.


We have the most up-to-date machines from Lohia Corp in-house to manufacture and test FIBCs.


For FIBC, we use ISO 9001:2015, ISO 22000:2018 standards. The procedure is methodical and scientific from resin to bag, ensuring that we meet the high standards we have set for ourselves.


At every level of production, from tape to final bag, we thoroughly inspect each and every component.

High quality and beyond

To give a premium product at the greatest price, our bulk bag experts rigorously vet each plant to ensure rigorous testing and quality criteria are met. Our sourcing strategy allows us to enhance supply capacity, reduce supplier lead times, and improve product quality while lowering prices.


The well-being of all our stakeholders is of paramount concern to us at PN Polybags. We’ve set rigorous personal and operational hygiene standards. Our dedication to cleanliness and hygiene ensures that FIBCs are free of contaminants.

We have several sides to us.

We have a wide range of products in our basket, giving you a lot of options and freedom when it comes to filling the container. FIBC, box bags, garbage bags, small bags, BOPP bags, container bags, asbestos bag, pp woven cloth are all examples of container bags.

Your Produce Packaging Professionals

PN Polybags carries a wide range of produce bags and agricultural packaging for a variety of industries, including all types of agricultural bag items ranging from produce bags to netting bags and sacks. This diverse product line offers basic in-stock items as well as the possibility to work with our manufacturers to create custom orders that contain your brand, logo, and labelling requirements. When it comes to the selling and distribution of our produce packaging, you can expect timeliness, dependability, customer service, and pride.

Produce Packaging and Bags

It’s critical that you work with a supplier who can offer a wide inventory of in-stock solutions to meet your immediate requirements. We’re making smart purchases to keep inventory levels up and available, as supply chain difficulties are currently one of the industry’s top concerns.

Why Choose Us?


            • extensive offering of stock bags
            • custom bag manufacturing
            • same day shipping
            • field proven customer service
      • professional and reliable supplier
      • high quality products
      • fast delivery
      • affordable cost
We follow through on our promises.

We say what we can do and do what we say. We have a track record of meeting deadlines, remaining within budget, and maintaining proactive client relationships.

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