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PN Polybags is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of wide range of  Cement Bags, Technical Textile, Leno Bags, Fertilizer Bags.

As a bulk bag manufacturer, we aspire to provide innovative packaging solutions for optimising bulk storage and supply needs across sectors by putting customers first, delivering superior quality within the bound timeline, and cultivating a culture of fanatical commitment and long-term business connections. Our products are designed to last and meet the most severe industrial standards.

We produce and export woven packaging material for both work-in-progress and finished industrial goods with rates tailored to the packaging and delivery needs of each customer.

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Construction, agriculture, petroleum &  courier, textile fibre, cattle feed, and industrial chemicals, have all benefited from our position as an distributor of bulk packaging.


Cement Bags

We produce cement bags with high strength and higher tear resistance to ensure that they can withstand severe handling.


Leno Bags

Leno Bags are small and light to carry, but they are strong enough to transport materials over long distances. They are mostly used for providing aeration to densely packed materials.


Fertilizer Bags

These bags are made from high-quality raw materials and are praised for important qualities including water resistance, good finish, and durability.

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Our FIBCs are completely customisable, so they may be made to meet your exact handling, shipping, and storage requirements.


Woven Sacks

These are flexible sacks produced from circular woven polypropelene cloth, sewed on one side as the bottom and the other side open or customised according to your needs.


Asbestos Bags

Small and big bags specifically intended to remove this hazardous trash are available. Variety of asbestos bags to suit your needs!


Container Liner

Container liners are simple to install, maximising container payload, lowering expenses, and reducing environmental effect


Garden Bag

We have experience producing bags for recycling materials for households, waste collection businesses, and waste management companies.

Figuring out your packaging needs

Production is more streamlined, with a constant focus on quality.

At PN Polybags, quality is the result of honest efforts, astute leadership, and deft execution of the entire process. From the procurement of raw materials until the final shipping of the products, we follow a well-defined quality management system. All phases of production are closely monitored by qualified quality control personnel. Not only does quality define the attribute of our products, but it also defines the attribute of our services. We guarantee rapid service and product delivery to our clients wherever in the world.

Combining cutting-edge technology with highly experienced human resources

We have cutting-edge manufacturing facilities with advanced machines to provide bespoke packaging solutions. Our products are subjected to stringent quality controls at every level, resulting in a satisfied customer base.

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